Massage Therapy

30 minute – $45

60 minute – $75

90 minute – $105

Prenatal  –   $85

Packages of 6 – $225 / $375 / $525 / $425

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Experts estimate that a very large percentage of disease is stress-related. Perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. Massage is an effective tool for managing stress and can specifically help address a number of health issues.

Internally, massage can enhance by stimulating lymph flow which is our body’s natural defense mechanism. It may pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs which improves circulation to the body and brain providing greater energy and thus reducing fatigue symptoms.

Physically, massage can alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion. It will exercise and stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles and increase joint flexibility. It can promote tissue regeneration which could reduce scar tissue and stretch marks. It will relax and soften injured, tired and overused muscles lessening spasms and cramping.

For those who have been in auto accidents, massage can help with whiplash, pain management and recovery. It can reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling.
Mentally, massage can lessen depression and anxiety. It can also enhance sleep quality.

A positive side effect is that it releases endorphins which are amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller. For those who suffer migraines or for those who are presently dependent on medications, this could be an added bonus.

Less commonly known is that it can shorten maternity hospital stays for expectant mothers and also assist with shorter, easier labors.

Sports massage, specifically, was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recovery after a big event, or just functioning well during training. Sports massage also emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons. You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage. This massage is also good for people with physical injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

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